De civitate Dei survives in hundreds of manuscripts, which I’m currently gathering in a .csv file with information on date, repository, as well as URLs to digital catalogue records and digitised images (where available). This is by no means a definitive list but a work in progress.

Portals and catalogues thus far consulted include:



  • HUWA (1969-) Die handschriftliche Überlieferung der Werke des Heiligen Augustinus. Vienna.
  • Gorman, M.M. (1982) ‘A Survey of the Oldest Manuscripts of St. Augustine’s De Civitate Dei’, Journal of Theological Studies, 33(2), pp. 398-410, Oxford Journals [Online] DOI: 10.1093/jts/XXXIII.2.398
  • Wilmart, A. (1931) ‘La tradition des grands ouvrages de Saint Augustin. III. La Cité de Dieu‘, Miscellanea Agostiniana, 2, pp. 279-292. Rome.

Incunabula and early editions of De civitate Dei